Artificial Grass Installation

At Artgrass we only use the latest tooling and precision engineering to ensure a tight, realistic looking installation of artificial grass with the correct infill dosages. With many years experience we can not only install on flat surfaces but slight grades and hills can also obtain a realistic look of grass rolling over hills. If you would like to know how to install artificial grass or synthetic grass surfaces then you have come to the right place. For commercial customers please visit our artificial grass fillers section showing off our rubber and silica sand infilling machines with precision tooling and impressive engineered machines. For commercial and existing artificial grass customers please visit our artificial grass maintenance section showing off our ultimate cleansing and rejuvenation machines of existing artificial grass surfaces and Artificial Lawn.

&Before you Begin Installation

Before you begin any works, there are a couple of things to consider...

You first must Identify any potential problems with drainage. Usually we will try to maintain the existing drainage as it lays on the site. You must also ask yourself, is the area currently draining well and where is it draining to? If significant earth works are required will this affect the drainage? Should it be a concern the you should ask us to have a look and asses the drainage in the area? Then you can assess the proposed finished level of the artificial grass surface in relation to the surrounding area. For example, will we will need to meet up with existing pathways, drain grates, etc?.

This may affect the excavation required. An allowance of 100mm must be given for the crushed rock base. You can add to this as an allowance for grass and rubber shock pads if applicable. All debris and vegetation must be removed from site before the base is laid.

Strongly consider all services in the immediate area before any excavations take place. Assess the access for large sized trucks and machinery. Note the access must be at least 3m wide with 4m clearance above with no tight corners to ensure large trucks can access the site. If unsure take a lot of photos of problem areas and show us. Limiting the size of trucks and machinery that can access the site can dramatically increase costs of the project.

The Base - Why so Important?

The base is the most important part of your project. We always use a 100mm thick base not a 75mm base which is the industry standard. The surface is finished with a crusher dust to fill any imperfections a step that many companies do not bother with. At Artgrass, we subcontract our base preparation for large jobs (over 1000 Sqm) to Bass Earth. They are a professional earth stabilizing and base preparation company.

Bass earth did the earth works at the recent Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. They were contracted to start works on the running track a field sports surface only to cover the entire job with soil and grass for the Boxing Day test. After the test was over they removed the grass and continued with the games arena to completion. Bass Earth use laser guided leveling systems which automatically guide the graders to ensure the base has perfect levels and even grade of fall for drainage. This laser guidance system cost's around $300,000 to purchase. The surface is proof rolled using a 6 ton roller same as is used in the construction of public roads (roller with large dimples to push into the surface to ensure compaction).

Taking into account the above information our quotation's on average are $10 a square metre higher than our competition for this the reasons listed above but when considering the cost of the job it is about 7-8% of the entire cost of the project. If your base fails you must pull up the entire job and start again. The grass will never go back down neatly so it too would need to be replaced.

Effectively if your base fails not only must you commit to an entirely new surface you must also remove the old one. Costs are astronomical probably 1.3 times the initial quoted price. If your project costs $200,000 8% is $16,000 is very good value for money providing confidence in the quality of the base and ensuring that you won't be left with a poor playing surface. All sports rely on an even playing surface should your base move you are compromising the safety of the people using the surface.